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Our Story

Historically, organizations seeking a recruiting partner for their Senior Management and Director level search needs have been forced to choose between a high-speed, low dependability staffing agency and a highly capable, but costly executive recruiting firm.

Luckily, those days are over.

Our organization is disrupting the marketplace with a new model, developed by industry-leading search professionals who blended best practices from their roots in executive search with select attributes from a more efficient model to create an optimal, game-changing solution.

That solution is SearchWorks.

The Model

When you partner with SearchWorks, you can expect:

Search that leverages executive recruiters.

Our executive recruiters apply best practices to ensure the most unique and enticing aspects of your business are professionally presented and all talent receives a high-quality candidate experience.

Search that cuts through the clutter.

We go beyond traditional recruiting tactics by creating compelling Video Opportunity Profiles that maximize engagement and yield higher response rates.

Search that saves you time.

We eliminate the need to juggle relationships with numerous staffing agencies. Instead, you’ll enjoy the efficiency of working with one point of contact who follows a structured process and presents only the highest-qualified candidates.

Search that you can depend on.

With a business model built on loyalty and perseverance, you’re assured a devoted and passionate partner who is continuously working on your behalf.

Search that extends beyond day one.

To demonstrate our unwavering commitment to your success, we offer complimentary onboarding services as well as a six-month guarantee on all placements.

Search that Works. Period.

Supported Segments

Small & Mid-Market Businesses

It’s incredibly common for small businesses to either lack internal hiring departments or have overly-stretched teams who lack the time and resources needed to secure high-quality talent for their most essential positions. With our model, we partner with you to attract, secure, and onboard Senior-level talent, shouldering the workload completely so that you can focus on effectively running your business. And because we are deeply experienced working with small and mid-sized companies, you can rest assured that we understand the critical importance of factors such as cost-per-placement, retention, and culture fit.

Traditional Industries

In a marketplace where perception and reality are increasingly blurred, it can be challenging for organizations within more traditional industries to overcome stereotypes and compete for A-caliber talent. In these instances, it’s particularly important that both your organization and opportunity are presented in the most compelling manner. At SearchWorks, we use a systematic approach to overcome barriers, communicate your story, and promote the qualities that make your business stand apart.

New & Evolving Roles

Due to rapid changes in technology and industry, most forward-thinking organizations today are finding themselves either hiring for newly-created positions or adjusting the requirements for existing roles to meet changing needs. Understandably, this presents new challenges such as how to attract and screen for a “first of its kind” position. This is where SearchWorks can leverage decades of experience to your advantage, serving in a more consultative role as we work to develop an effective job description, gain internal alignment, and ultimately attract the talent required to accommodate your future growth.