A Search for Something Better

In 2012, we looked at executive recruitment and knew we could do better. It was time for recruiters to see candidates as people rather than résumés and clients as partners rather than roadblocks.

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Tradition Meets Innovation

With decades of experience leading some of the largest full-service agencies in the Midwest, we had the expertise, network, and driving passion to create a new-and-improved personal recruiter experience for our partners. We knew both applicants and employers deserved more, and had a dream to transform the status quo with a new, hands-on approach built on partnership and personalization.

With this vision in mind, we built a model designed to flex and evolve based on your needs. Treating recruitment as an individualized service is at the heart of our methodology — it allows us to personalize your experience every step of the way.

Put simply, we built Search that Works.

Partnership Through Retained Recruitment

SearchWorks is a retained executive recruiting firm with the capability to also serve middle management needs. While contingent agencies tend to focus on lackluster quantity, SearchWorks provides custom strategies, ongoing support, and sustained partnerships that continually deliver quality results.

“SearchWorks is hands down the best executive recruiting partner we’ve worked with. They go to great lengths to thoroughly understand both our business and talent requirements, then strategically market our positions to stand out in a crowded marketplace. SearchWorks will continue to be our one-stop-shop for executive recruitment, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a thoughtful and effective talent partner.”

Bryan Schwartz, PresidentTrim Tex

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