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Prioritizing the Candidate Experience

Imagine applying to your dream job, waiting days or even weeks for a response, and slowly losing hope of ever hearing back at all. Unfortunately, this is a feeling many candidates know all too well.

With SearchWorks’ recruiting process, candidates never experience this deafening silence. We’re dedicated to our talent from day one and provide consistent updates so nobody is left wondering when – or if – they’ll hear back.

Why It Matters

Unfortunately, many professionals have had negative interactions with recruiters, resulting in poor outcomes for all parties. SearchWorks was built to break that cycle.

In an industry where applicants often feel underappreciated, we create a positive recruiting process experience from start to finish. We do this with a unique approach that digs deeper than the résumé and taps into a candidate’s goals, strengths, and qualifications as a multi-faceted professional.

By treating each individual with kindness and respect, we not only attract the strongest talent, but also positively contribute to your company’s reputation in the marketplace.

Complimentary Onboarding

Even for the most seasoned professionals, starting a new position can be overwhelming. That’s why SearchWorks remains dedicated to the success of our candidates, even after employment has begun.

From day one on the job, our team becomes an onboarding resource, offering 90 days of transitional support and coaching. This is a time to check-in, ask questions, and receive feedback from a familiar team of career professionals, empowering you with an extra level of direction and support.

What Our Candidates Have to Say

“I have been a hiring manager, a recruiter helping hiring managers, a recruiter working with search firms, and most recently a candidate searching for the right opportunity. I would trust Taylor in any of these scenarios to add value, truth, integrity and compassion.”

“Taylor stood out among all the recruiters I dealt with over the past few months. Taylor always sent a 'good luck' text before an interview and followed up after with a personal call or text to see how the conversation went. Those personal touches were very meaningful to me.”

“Leaving an organization after 17 years was a big decision. Having the onboarding support of my SearchWorks coach made the transition smoother and provided time to think about what I wanted success to look like in the first 90 days. This is a unique offering and a clear differentiator.”


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