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Job descriptions today are lacking for one overarching reason—they focus on what the company wants rather than what the ideal candidate wants. By flipping your mindset and treating talent acquisition like business development, you will reach more candidates, capture more interest, and find greater success in your hiring efforts.

Understand What Your Target Wants. 

Before you begin drafting your job description, explore your target candidate the same way you would a target client. What factors are most important to them when choosing a company to work for? Upward mobility? Training & Development? Company growth? What motivates them? The more specific you can be in profiling your target candidate, the better you can develop an attractive opportunity. 

Outline How Your Opportunity Delivers.

Once you’ve identified what your target hire wants, your job is to showcase upfront how your opportunity aligns with those desires. If you’re looking for an energetic team player, highlight your strong company culture and opportunities for collaboration. You can (and should) still list any education and experience requirements, but whatever your ideal candidate cares most about, lead with that.

Reach Them in Their Preferred Medium.

Today’s candidates want information presented in a clear, concise manner, and 83% of people prefer watching videos to reading written text. A key differentiator to our process at SearchWorks is the creation and distribution of Video Job Descriptions, which command attention and provide a platform to showcase your company culture, demonstrate enthusiasm, and build trust. In fact, CareerBuilder found a 34% greater application rate for job postings that incorporate video.

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