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At SearchWorks, we have the privilege of partnering with leaders who are passionate about hiring and nurturing exceptional talent. Our clients strive to foster great leaders within their organizations and dedicate time and energy to being great themselves. Today, we’re sharing three simple, but powerful lessons to help you maximize your effectiveness as a leader: 

Indecision Costs More than a Mistake. 

Especially in high-stakes situations, it’s easy to become fearful of making a wrong decision. Although there will always be excuses available for delaying a decision, indecision is ultimately a form of procrastination that can result in wasted resources, missed opportunities, and frustrated team members. As a leader, you’ve been entrusted with the authority to make decisions for a reason, and every decision you can learn from is a “good” one.

Delegation is a Money Maker. 

If you find yourself wishing for more hours in the day, instead ask yourself how you can optimize the time you have. Many leaders make the mistake of getting bogged down in the weeds, but delivering maximum value requires that you spend your time focused on what only you can do and delegate the rest. According to ForbesCEOs who demonstrate exceptional delegation skills achieve a remarkable 33% increase in revenue. Not only does proper delegation free your time for high-yield activities, but it empowers your team members and helps build morale.

Success Can’t be Trusted. 

The word ‘success’ seems to convey that an individual or organization has “made it”. In that context, success sounds like a final destination, which is dangerous in that it overlooks what comes after success and how easily it can slip away if you’re not careful. ‘Success + Complacency = Failure,’ and to remain at the top, you must be just as competitive with yourself as you are with others. As New York Times best-selling author Don Yaeger explains, “The highest achievers are people who set goals about the opportunity to wake up every day and be better than they were yesterday.”