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Successful business leaders know the importance of prioritizing talent, and that means supporting a team of individuals, each with their own unique story. To create a workplace that breeds positivity and productivity, today we’re sharing 3 tips for building a people-first culture. 

Lead with Empathy. 

Empathetic leaders not only foster meaningful relationships built on compassion, trust, and respect, but also create safe work environments that enable their teams to do their best work. Research consistently shows that empathetic leaders drive productivity, job satisfaction and retention within their organizations. In fact, Forbes reports a staggering 44% increase in engagement from employees who experience empathy from their leaders. 

Foster a Culture of Resilience.

Resilience is not about avoiding setbacks, but rather building the skills to manage challenges constructively. As a leader, it’s important to not only model the behavior you wish to see, but also to establish a framework for encouraging and rewarding resilience in your teams. To start, HBR suggests considering what resources you can offer in support of employee resilience—anything from paid therapy services to creating avenues for employees to voice needs and concerns without fear of repercussion.

Hire for Potential, Not Perfection. 

Rather than fixate on traditional measures such as education, credentials, and experience, a growing number of organizations are finding success screening candidates based on specific competencies that align with business priorities. Not only are skills-based organizations able to fill more roles by leveraging previously untapped talent pools, but a Deloitte study found they are 98% more likely to retain high performers and are significantly more agile, innovative, and inclusive.