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Today, one in four businesses have incorporated AI into their recruiting processes or plan to do so, according to Forbes. At SearchWorks, we’re continually exploring new technologies, but we also understand their limitations.

Currently, AI is most successfully utilized to reduce administrative time and tasks. Specifically, we see value in leveraging AI for:

  1. Fielding Simple Questions. Having a 24-hour chatbot available on your Career Page to answer common questions (e.g., benefit details) can aid in early candidate screening. As examples, both Paradox and Humanly boast this capability.
  2. Scheduling Interviews. Automating interview scheduling with a software such as Calendy can create efficiencies for both candidates and interview teams.
  3. Optimizing Job Descriptions. Running your job descriptions through a platform like Skillate is a great way to optimize keywords and in turn, maximize visibility.

At its core, however, recruitment is a people business that thrives on genuine human connection. There is simply no replacement for talent experts who skillfully navigate the landscape. For maximum success, we urge you to avoid AI when: 

  1. Selling an Opportunity. Recruitment isn’t just about finding the right candidate; it’s also about attracting them, and the most effective persuasion requires passion and personality. 
  2. Filling a Unique or Difficult Position. Unlike AI (which functions strictly on input data), a seasoned recruiter can think outside the box, finding candidates whose transferable skills make them equally capable and qualified for the role.
  3. Assessing Culture Fit. Human judgment remains critical for assessing traits such as personality, character, and ambition.

In conclusion, we believe AI is best leveraged when used to free up recruiters’ time to do what they do best—assess soft skills, build relationships, and ultimately secure the leaders necessary to drive your business forward.