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Seven in ten candidates consider dropping out of the hiring process, and one in four follows through with it, according to Human Resources Director. Most surprisingly—the majority don’t cite issues with the opportunity, but with the hiring process itself.

A Misleading Job Description. Overselling the position is a quick way to lose trust. When details shared later in the process are inconsistent with information communicated upfront, candidates feel misled and will drop out with a negative perception of the company.

  • Our Recommendation: Successful job descriptions are designed to attract those most genuinely suited for the role. Provide specifics so candidates can envision what their day-to-day experience will look like, and be honest. Lastly, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. For maximum engagement, we create Video Job Descriptions, which allow candidates to learn about the company and role directly from the hiring manager. 

A Lack of Meaningful Updates. Over 75% of job seekers have been “ghosted” after an interview, so if you don’t circle back within a week, most will lose interest. In fact, today’s candidates are demanding faster follow-ups with clear next steps at every stage of the process.

  • Our RecommendationMove swiftly and communicate regularly from the first interaction. Whenever possible, add personalized touches to remind the candidate they’re valued. Even those who don’t land the job will be more likely to re-engage should a better-fitting opportunity within your organization come along. 

Perceived Risk. Changing careers is a high-stakes decision, and candidates are often nervous to take the leap. Even the scheduling of interviews can feel like an intimidating commitment for those on the fence, especially when it requires time off work or travel.

  • Our Recommendation: Build your candidate’s confidence by setting them up for success every step of the way. Prior to interviews, provide a detailed schedule along with the LinkedIn profile of each interviewer. For candidates navigating a transition, it’s extremely comforting knowing those guiding the process are invested in their future and have their best interests in mind.