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On October 12, four industry experts gathered before an eager, sold-out crowd to share their thoughts on today’s most pressing topics at the Talent Outlook Event hosted by the Executives’ Club of Chicago. Today, SearchWorks is sharing key takeaways from the session so you can better navigate the ever-evolving talent landscape. 

Return-To-Office Policies

  • To attract and retain top talent, it remains advantageous to offer flexibility in positions that allow for it. That said, where success is dependent on employees being in the office, it may now be time to use the stick and not the carrot to bring people back. Many organizations that initially offered employee incentives and support programs are now finding greater long-term success with firmer policies. 

Pay Transparency

  • Currently, 9 states and 6 cities in the United States have pay range disclosure requirements for job postings. Starting January 1, 2025, Illinois will be required to include pay scale and benefits in their job postings. Consider getting ahead by making the leap sooner. Experts agree it’s the right thing to do, and it’s less intimidating than you may think.  

Diversity & Inclusion

  • In the wake of the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling that prohibits universities from expressly considering race in the admissions decision-making process, many companies are proactively revisiting their own diversity and inclusion policies and programs. If you haven’t recently reviewed your operations, hiring process, and collateral through a DEI lens, let this serve as your reminder to do so.


  • While AI will never fully replace humans, employees who can work with AI will ultimately replace those who can’t. As an organization, it’s important to upskill your teams now so they can get comfortable leveraging innovative tools to maximize performance. To avoid change fatigue, explain why adopting new technologies is necessary for sustainability. 

Complex Projects as Development Opportunities

  • Some organizations are getting creative by pulling internal talent “off the line” for extended periods to fully dedicate them to critical issues. This is an effective strategy to consider for recognizing and upskilling individuals while also addressing vital issues. 

On behalf of The Executives’ Club of Chicago, thank you for your interest in the Talent Outlook program, and we look forward to seeing you at future events.